On behalf of all of us at the Senior Veterans Council, thank you so very much for entrusting us with the task of helping to garner the benefits that you and your family rightfully deserve. As we do with hundreds of veterans each month, it has been our pleasure to assist you and your family with the nuances of filing the appropriate forms in timely fashion. We hope that you have been completely satisfied with you and your family’s experience with the Senior Veterans Council. If not, please feel free to contact me directly [either via email or the number listed below] to let me know of your concerns, and/or to give us your thoughts on how best we could improve.
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Again, thank you so very much for the opportunity to serve you and your family. We wish you all the very best — and, please, let us know how we might be able to be of assistance in the future. 

Yours truly,

David Cole 
Founder, Senior Veterans Council 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 919-825-1300